Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Strawbetarians or Strawberritarians?

Oh man. So that grocery trip I mentioned the other night? Safeway had the first real crop of strawberries in and it smelled so G-O-O-O-D! But, and this is a big but, the price was buy 1 pound, get 2 pounds free.

Come on.

Scoob and I can usually take care of 1 pound of berries before they go bad. But 3? And it's not like strawberries have a long shelf life.

So, long story short we're eating a bunch of berries. And they're soooo good. And I'm rarely leaving the bathroom. Yeah, TMI.

I can't decide if we're strawbetarians or strawberritarians? Strawberritarian sounds like a new political party, like Libertarians. And I really have no political leaning one way or the other when it comes to strawberries. So I guess that makes us Strawbetarians.

They also had fresh, sweet white corn. It smelled like summer.

Speaking of summer, if I need to go back to North Carolina again, it looks like it'll be around mid-June. I thought it was humid in April? Can't wait to feel June. Scoob won't be coming with me if I go. It's just too dang expensive to fly him out there when he spends most of his time working anyway instead of making house-related matters (the whole reason for traveling in the first place) a priority.

I'm not sure if our friends will put me up for another trip. We've realized they've hosted us for a month total between our several trips so far, and no matter how welcome they say we are, it's beginning to feel like we're part-time roomies and I hate to impose.

And it doesn't help that I lost their house key on our last trip. I know. Bad, bad Wayward. It must have fallen out of my pocket during the day. Our friends didn't bat an eye over it, but I still felt lousy.

I forgot to tell you what else I did this weekend. I got my hairs cut! It totally sucks that I've finally found a stylist I like and we're moving. I had her trim up the last cut she gave me, but I don't like how she styles it. She makes the hair lie so flat against my head and I can't keep it out of my face. But I think it's a good cut.

And I've finally figured out how to use a round brush and hair dryer. I haven't mastered the finer points, but I can make my hair do what I want it to. Mostly.

I've been round brush-shy ever since an incident in high school. I managed to get a round brush so wrapped up in my hair while getting ready for winter formal that when mom took me to the local beauty school they had to cut it out. I don't remember much about that winter formal, I was probably in the coat closet trying to hide my hair, but I do remember that.


  1. I like the hair - somehow do not remember theround brush incident from high school . . .

  2. I think we should start a strawbetarian society, but what I'm REALLY waiting for is RAINIER CHERRIES!!!! =D

    I like the haircut, too!