Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Love Being Flexible

Saturday was an excellent day, people. And all because I've learned to be flexible. I had originally planned to run a ton of errands on Saturday and at one point that would have been exactly what I would have done, no matter what. But then friends called and invited us to lunch. The old me would have sacrificed time with Scoob and friends in order to stick to the plan. But the new me decided errands could wait. Other than getting my oil changed, there was nothing urgent that needed to get taken care of. And even the oil change wasn't urgent and could wait until Sunday since I'm a little early for this one.

So, we went out and enjoyed a ramen lunch with our friends followed by a stroll through the local swap meet stalls. Our friends picked up some plants for their yard and I bought some new socks.

Not your average Top Ramen ramen.

After the swap meet, we went to a pottery wholesaler that I wish I'd known about years ago. A small glazed ceramic pot that would cost $20–30 at Home Depot or Lowes was only $6.50 there!

Lots of pretty colors.

And shapes.

Some were tall.

And some were short.

And lots of pretty, drippy glazes.

I've never been able to bring my self to shell out for some of the big, pretty pots I love, but the prices here were so much more reasonable. Unfortuantely, they only sell to the Bay Area. So Scoob and I were left debating the merits of buying pots and moving them with us. I saw some large pots I would love to have flanking the front steps to our new house. So, while we're in North Carolina this week we'll look around and see if we can't find any pottery wholesalers out there, otherwise we may find ourselves packing pots.

After the pottery adventure we split ways and our friends went home with their treasures to begin potting the plants they bought and Scoob and I set out on our errands. We got the oil changed. And the car started making a new noise afterwards. We had the shop put the car back up on the lift and take a look. Seems like the noise is coming from the catalytic converter. So that pretty much settled any doubts I had left about whether I should repair or replace the car.

Then we went to Target (I ran out of SPF moisturizer and need to pack for the trip), Bed, Bath, and Beyond (Yankee candles 25% off and I've taken to showering by candlelight), and World Market (Scoob found the elusive Mo's bacon dark chocolate). We also did a little comparison shopping for toaster ovens at Target and BB&B since ours has gone to small appliance heaven.

Then we met up with our friends again for dinner at Scoob's favorite Mexican place. Actually, we tried to go for Afghan food first, but they were closed for a private party. So Mexican was Plan B.

Scoob's favorite. Menudo.

We're so spoiled when it comes to food choices here. I probably won't miss Indian and Philippino food once we move, but the Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Afghan, Pakistan, Mexican, Persian, Greek, and I'm sure I'm missing a few will be hard to come by out there.


  1. I love days like yours! Aren't they just wonderful!

    BTW - thanks for publishing your posts! ;D

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