Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Purple Rain

I remember noticing, when we first walked the back portion of our lot, a lot of thick, woody, vine-like growth climbing up the trees. For all intents and purposes, they appeared dead, but I wondered, this being the South and all, if it was the dreaded kudzu vine.

Thankfully, the vines on our lot have remained dormant, but elsewhere in the area, vines have exploded in lavender bloom and I've come to realize that while there is most likely plenty of kudzu in the area, there is also naturalized wild wisteria. Huge swaths of dripping lavender cover everything alongside the roads and it climbs whatever it can lay a tendril on. Every pole. Every tree. Every fence.

Wisteria isn't a common roadside plant, but the moist, marshy land around here appears to be perfect for it. And apparently, it's invasive. Oh, and guess what? It's a legume. Go figure.

There's a house in there!

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