Friday, March 2, 2012


It's Friday!


Oh, god, please don't tell me it's Wednesday again. I don't think I could take it.

It's been a weird, weird week here. The temperature was up to 79 yesterday (gorgeous, but muggy) and we slept with the bedroom ceiling fan on and the windows open, listening to all the froggies. And today we're totally socked in with drizzly fog.

It's been a long-ass week y'all. This 5-day work week is just inhumane. Well it is when 8 hours turns into 12. Every. Dang. Day.

It's my own fault and I know it. I'm anxious to be back up to full speed at work and I'm stepping into a new role (which, the more I learn about it, should really be cool) so I'm burning personal hours trying to make it all fit together.

Scoob was astonished when I passed out Wednesday night before 10:00pm, while he was playing an insanely loud video game.

I need to set some boundaries with work and guard my personal time otherwise my ass will soon sprout roots into my desk chair.

The first thing I need to do is to actually start work at 9:00am. Oh, I'm at my desk at 9, but I check personal email, see what you all were doing on facebook after I went to sleep, check my Twitter stream, follow some links and surf the internet for a bit, and maybe make a couple personal calls. I don't actually get down to work until 10:30. So it really shouldn't surprise me that my work day is stretching out later and later. Basically, I'm keeping the same work hours as I did in California—10–7 or there abouts, but I'm pretty much at my desk from 9:00–9:00. No likey!

I'm sure the California office doesn't mind having me working hours closer to their 9–5, but dang it! I want to have a life!

So March resolution—get my stuff done before work and be ready to dive into actual work tasks by 9:00.

The other thing I need to do is get a big, honkin' wall calendar I can track projects and deadlines on. (And a butt load of color coded postie notes.)

I knew when I left for medical leave that when I came back I'd be working with the ebook production team and would eventually take over coordinating ebook production for one of our travel guide book series. Now it looks like I'll be taking over coordination for all our travel guides—that's 3 main series, 2 of which each have an additional sub-series, and 1 has an additional 4 sub-series.

It's a lot of moving parts and I'm looking forward to it in a get-my-geek-on kinda way. It's like a puzzle, and my brain can visualize how it's all supposed to come together, and it's up to me to manage the parts and people to make sure the pieces fit together correctly.

It's project management. Again. But I'm good at it. It doesn't seem to matter what my actual title or job description is—I'm a project manager.

And as handy as scheduling reminders in Outlook is, I'm a visual person and I want to see each title as it moves from print, to the conversion house, to the freelancer, back to conversion, and to distribution. Oh, and still stay on schedule with my web editing production.

Anyhow, I spotted this calendar at Paper Source back in December when I was calendar shopping:

Well, that's a sucky screen grab. Each month is a single sheet that measures about 17" x 12". Anyhow, now that I actually need one this size, they're out of stock. And I didn't get one back when I was looking at them because my seester made an awesome 2012 calendar for me. But now I need something bigger.

So I'll probably just end up getting a desk blotter calendar.

I was wanting something a little more visually pleasing since I'll need to hang at least 2 months at a time on the wall to track out titles and it'll take up so much space. But at least it's cheap and the squares are big enough. Oh, and it's available. Do any of you have a large scale calendar that you like?

Oh, and I'll need a way to hang it on the wall. I haven't put any holes in our walls yet and I'm not anxious to start. Have any of you had luck with those stick-um things not ripping off paint when you take them down?

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