Monday, February 27, 2012

Backyard Buddies

We've had some new visitors at the birdfeeders this week.

This lady cardinal started showing up just after the snow had melted.

She was moving pretty slowly at the feeder and only flew in short bursts from tree to tree when approaching and leaving. We think she may be getting ready to lay her eggs and is too heavy to more more quickly.

5 days later—if this is the same lady card, she's getting big!

And 2 days after the lady card showed up, her male counterpart started putting in an appearance.

Hard to miss.

King of the feeder.

They're interesting to watch at the feeders. All the other birds seem to defer to the cardinals. The chickadees, titmouse (mice?), and all the other little guys we can't identify yet patiently wait their turn until the cardinals have left.

The day after we moved in back in October, we had a male and female pair of cardinals hanging out in one of the front yard trees. We haven't seen another in our yard since. Until now.

Cardinals are supposed to be monogamous. I like to think this is the same pair that stopped by the welcome us to the neighborhood.

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