Friday, February 3, 2012

Silence Is Golden

Hey, y'all! I'm alive and kickin' over here, and I've actually got my hands on my computer for more than 10 minutes to pay some bills.

I'm healing very well after surgery. On day 3 I was out taking a stroll in the neighborhood with mom. Day 4 we walked about a mile and I was pretty sore the next day and came down with a miserable cold. The coughing and sneezing was not fun and kind of set me back to square one. Except for the cold I felt ready to go back to work during the first week, although there were some cognitive issues due to pain meds, like constantly called the enchiladas a friend sent over lasagna. Wish I could blame the spelling issues on that too, but that's pretty much a constant.

Oh wait, they're typos not spelling issues. Now that I CAN blame on the percocet. Actually I'd nearly weaned myself off the percocet by the time that cold hit me. I expected a lot more pain and I expected to be pretty helpless the first couple of weeks, but the reality has been very different. I've decided I either have a high tolerance for pain, or the surgeon severed some nerves in there and that I'm actually in more pain than I realize.

I had a follow-up appointment with the surgeon on Jan. 31 and she took the steri-strips off the incision; I've got a great big smiley just below my tummy. And oh. my. god! I guess I didn't really understand where the incision would be, because if I had known they were going to put those super sticky steri-strips on the pubic hairs I so would have made sure to get a wax job before surgery! OOoooowie! Thankfully they only used clippers down there instead of shaving, because the grow back would have been a whole other nightmare.

Anyhow, the follow-up. The surgeon was very pleased with how I am healing and pretty much gave me the green light to do whatever I wanted as long as felt up to it. I didn't ask, but I'm assuming heavy lifting and getting bendy with Scoob are still off limits until the 6 week mark, but I'm clear for everything else. I thought about heading back to work early, but you know what, I've been approved for 4 weeks of short-term disability, and I have the sick time to cover the pay difference, so I'm just going to use it and try to enjoy it.

It's too bad I'll be feeling up to cruising around after mom has gone home. She leaves on Monday. I did get behind the wheel for the first time yesterday, just to drive in the neighborhood and drop off a welcome gift for a new neighbor, but my clutch side wasn't too happy afterwards. I guess it'll be like my walking muscles; I'll have to work my way up. So maybe mom and I will take a little spin around the development today, but I definitely don't feel up to driving into Chapel Hill or Raleigh.

Today I just got fed up with lazing around! Mom is still jumping in to help, but I really just need to do something! So I've busted out the vacuum cleaner (my favorite! ha!), and the dust cloths, and the toilet brush. I must be getting desperate!

And despite all I've been doing, I haven't had to take anything for pain yet today. We'll see if I'm still singing the same song after mom and I take a walk. Which we'd better get to if we're going to keep the sunshine.


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