Thursday, February 16, 2012

Matters of the Heart...

are almost always connected to matters of the stomach around here.

So it was no surprise when I asked Scoob what he wanted for Valentine's, his only request was a turkey dinner. With all the trimmings.

Easy enough.

I'd made a double batch of baked cranberries with brandy at Christmas and the leftover half was in  the freezer.

I'd picked up a bone-in frozen turkey breast a few weeks ago, as well as some sweet potatoes, and on my last shopping trip I'd put a bag of Brussels sprouts in the cart.

We used to eat roasted Brussels sprouts weekly back in Fremont, but I've only made them once since moving here—they came out tough and chewy, and I figured they just don't grow as well over here as they did in California, or they really toughen up during transport. But I'd run across a new technique and thought I'd give it a go. (It was better, but still a bit tough. I'll try it once more and peel off more outer layers before throwing in the towel.)

I figured since I was only roasting a turkey breast, I wouldn't have enough drippings for gravy, so I nixed the mashed potatoes. I was wrong. I probably made the best scratch-gravy I've ever made.

So Scoob got his turkey dinner

with all the trimmings

He insisted on the serving platter. And he insisted on the photos.

I think I've just about perfected this sweet potato recipe and I keep meaning to post it.
Maybe I'll get to it before I go back to work on Tuesday.

Cranberry goodness!

And I got this clay owl.

I'd seen him before Christmas and just gushed over him, but budgets were being squeezed and I knew money would be even tighter once I went on short-term disability, so I resisted. Scoob didn't. He  went back to get it for a Valentine's gift.

Now I just need to decide where he'll live.

On the rock wall with other pretties...

Maybe cozied up to the fire...

Or on the mantle.

I think I like him up there. I've been spending a lot of time in the chairs next to the fire lately and I like looking up and seeing him there.

Keeping a watchful eye

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