Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lighten Up

I'm still feeling that just-after-Christmas glow when I think I can accomplish anything. Our artificial tree and wreath arrived today and I just want to set them up. You know. Make sure they work and all the pieces are there and the pre-strung lights are working. But then I also want to hang ornaments.

Actually, we really should set up the tree to make sure it works and since Scoob is forced to take this week off from work I'm more than a little surprised he hasn't been all over it since it's usually his suggestion. Well, I have a half-day tomorrow, so maybe then.

I love Christmas lights. It really is a shame we don't do other things with them. When mom lived in San Jose one side of the pack patio had lattice as a wall and we threaded clear Christmas lights through it. It was so nice to sit out back on a hot summer night with the lights on.

Speaking of light, that's one of the things I'm adjusting to in the house. We almost always kept the blinds closed in our CA condo for privacy more than anything else. But we don't do that here. There's not a single window treatment to be found and I keep having to stop myself from walking around in my birthday suit. It was never an issue in CA with the blinds always closed. It's not exactly an issue here either—our nearest neighbor is about ¼ mile away. And if they catch an eyeful, well I guess they shouldn't have been looking that hard.

But I love the light and the way the light plays in this house. We haven't been here long enough for me to know a summer light from a winter light, or to have the angle of the light signify the time of year or remind me of anything, but I am fascinated by the light.

The front of our house faces southwest, so we get some great afternoon light on the glass door and casting patterns on the walls.

The chandelier in the entryway mesmerizes me all the time. On or off, it doesn't matter.

And then there's this in the kitchen. (Scoob picked out all those decor-atory things.) The kitchen window faces southeast, so it doesn't put on as flashy as show.

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