Tuesday, December 27, 2011

And There was Peace

I've cleaned up from all the goodie making and the Christmas dinner cooking and even made it to the post office today to ship out goodies. It always amazes me how peaceful I feel AFTER Christmas leaves. I was thinking about this today when I read a similar post over on saltycrunchybitterfresh, and since Badger says it way better than I could, I'll let her articulate what I'm feeling. But just like her, the stress usually starts in October and miraculously is gone on December 26.

Scoob and I even went out shopping the day after Christmas to score some decorations for next year, which I'm quite certain won't get put up anyhow because I'll be stressing over getting it all done. But we scored an artificial tree and wreath, both very realistic looking, and lots of ornaments, bows, and wrapping supplies.

(Poor Scoob, his gifts from me were wrapped in wedding paper because I didn't have any Christmas paper. Call it a subtle hint from Santa. Hey, it could've been baby shower paper!)

Anyhoodle, I just wanted to pop on and let you know we're still kickin'. I've got pictures and recipes to share, but the camera is clear on the other side of the house and (woe is me) it's well past time for me to start dinner and I don't want to sit and wait for the pictures to download. I'll move the camera into my office and start the download in the morning and hopefully we'll have pictures tomorrow.

Or the next day.

Or sometime.

Okay, okay. Here are some pictures from November when the trees around here were just gorgeous. I look outside now at all the grey, spindly bare branches and remind myself that this is what they look like in fall.

Clearly, traffic is a major problem here.

On Chicken Bridge Road.
I just like to say it.
Chicken Bridge. Heh.

Scoob was very patient as I kept randomly pulling over for pictures.

This one's just around the corner from the house
and made me smile every time we needed to go somewhere.

This one's even closer.
It took me a minute to recognize this as the view from my own driveway.

In news, news, my next doctor appointment is scheduled for Jan. 4 for blood- and paperwork and surgery is scheduled for Jan. 19. Mom should be flying out a couple days ahead so I'll at least get a couple days with her while I'm still able to do things and I can help her get familiar with the area.

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