Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Can it really be possible that next month's issue of glossy advice on the "best way to prepare for the best [next holiday] ever" and new recipes is here before I've even fully strategized how best to tackle this holiday?


Oh, it's not that I don't have strategies. 'Cause I do. Uh-huh. About 3 of them. All half-started. Until I get distracted by the next shiny one.

Oh look. A deer.

Know the feeling?

And then there's the health stuff.

Oh hey, I've been cooking a version of that recipe for years. Okay. Now I feel marginally better about myself.

And even though I know we live here and this is home, the house doesn't feel like a home yet, you know?

"This is set up here for now." "Oh we'll use this for that until we get one." After that it's just a matter of time before "what do you mean using the box of Christmas lights as a footstool isn't doing something with them?"

Not that THAT'S what's happening here.

You know. Just an example.

But yeah. According to Real Simple magazine, it is already that time of year again.

I think cards may be getting out late this year.

Oh look. A deer.

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  1. Um, yeah. I can TOTALLY relate. And my cards are probably going to be late, too.