Friday, November 18, 2011

Just a Quickie, with Pictures

So it's Friday and our dishwasher has been working for a week (woohoo!) though we are waiting for one more part to replace one that was damaged during repairs. In addition to finding our lawn mowin' muscles, Scoob has also found his weed whackin' muscles as he attacked some tall grass that could be cut with the mower.

The second half of this week has been a flurry of activity. On Wednesday the trim guy came by and started his fixes. Most of them are done, tough I may have to have him come out and redo a couple. Nothing major, just cosmetic tweaks.

And the floor guys started their work on Wednesday. That has been more involved (and stinky). Wednesday morning we emptied the house of furniture and they puttied and sanded and applied polyurethane to all the problem spots and had to completely cut out and replace one board. Thursday they came by in the morning and afternoon to sand and apply 2 more coats of ploy to the spots. And today they've just left from buffing and and applying poly to the entire downstairs floor.

They'll come back and do the upstairs landing next week, which I'm grateful for because otherwise I'd be stuck in an upstairs bedroom for 5–6 hours, this way I'm just stuck upstairs and can at least use the bathroom. Thank goodness the plumber came by and fixed the toilet that had started leaking yesterday! I tell ya', if it's not one thing it's another.

Scoob has the day off and is out gallivanting around with a friend while I'm trapped upstairs. I hope he's having a good time because he has been working hard this week what with all the mowing (he finished the 2 side yards) and whacking and furniture moving (for the floors). All that and he even cooked dinner twice this past week! I know! Aliens!

Actually, we'd had a bit of a tiff about the division of labor around the house, and even though we didn't reach a verbal agreement, I am thankful to know through his actions that he has heard my concerns. He even asked me to teach him how to use the new washer/dryer. (I still suspect aliens.)

Our peaceful little plot has been quite noisy the last few days what with all the sanding and sawing and stuff. But the evenings have also gotten noisier. One of the reasons we chose this lot was that the lot next to it has an Aqua (the local water/sewer utility company) building on it and will never be developed. We call it the pump house, though we don't really know it's purpose.

Anyhow, the other night I noticed an engine running. It sounded like a Genny and at first I thought it was coming from one of the other houses under construction, which would make sense. I know they're digging out a basement over there and we were supposed to have rain, so yeah, running a Genny for a sump pump makes total sense.

But it's not raining anymore and the motor has been running for 3 days. We think it's coming from the pump house now instead of a construction site. We had been assured the pump house wouldn't be noticeable and that there wouldn't be any noise coming from it. Which was one of the reasons I agreed to build the house in a mirror image from the original floor plans, placing our bedroom as the closest room to the pump house.

Scoob couldn't sleep last night, though I didn't have a problem. If it were switching on and off through the night, then I'd have a problem. Anyhow, I'm calling the property management group today to see if something is actually wrong over there, or if we'll be living with this noise.

I'll leave you with some random pictures we snapped our first few days here. (Because someone—MOM—demanded pictures!)

Scoob preparing to open Pandora's box.

Not too bad (if I say so myself);
we had some shifting, which was expected, but nothing major.

The builder left us a framed drawing of the finished house, a bottle of wine (and a corksrew!) and cards to send out with our new address on them and the drawing.
I only have about 5 of these addressed and none of them mailed. I got some crazy idea about doing the Christmas cards at the same time and then I just stopped.

The chairs and nesting tables I bought last April in their intended home. Don't worry, I didn't suddenly turn into Minnie Pearl; I cut the tags off. Eventually.

I really like the way the kitchen turned out.

It's a little dark, but here's the front porch and door lit up at night.

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  1. You have a gorgeous home, Gayle! I'm sorry you have to put up with all the problems you've run into, but I guess the perk is that you will (hopefully) have no more repairs for a good while once the current ones are cleared up. Congratulations! (and I need one of those cards with your new addy if I'm going to send you a Christmas card) ;)