Monday, November 28, 2011

Back from the Dead

Last Sunday night, the Phlegm Faery visited and left me bountiful gifts.

Now, I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but Phlegm Faery, you can suck it!

Needless to say, last week was a rotten week. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I pretty much didn't budge out of bed except maybe to sit on the sofa. And when I did that I was promptly told I needed to lie down and rest. I know Scoob was just trying to take care of me, but I couldn't seem to get him to understand that due to the bountiful gifts, I was practically drowning when I laid down. But I did start to feel marginally better by Wednesday night.

Also on Wednesday, I had an appointment with an OB/GYN at UNC Medical Center to discuss the fibroids and surgery. My next appointment is on December 9 for another ultrasound. The doctor wants to get a look at what's going on in there, and if it's just the one fibroid, she thinks they can take it out with laparoscopy, which would greatly reduce recovery time. Although she was also tossing around terms like endometriosis and ovarian cysts, which I'd just really rather not contemplate right now.

Also, also on Wednesday the La-Z-Boy reclining loveseat I bought a couple weeks ago arrived. (It is so comfy!) So a couple of things happened that convinced us to make this purchase. First, when we tried putting our old sofa from CA up in the bonus room, we found it was way too long and couldn't make it around the corners. Second, when my Aunt P had abdominal surgery last June, she said she was much more comfortable during recovery sleeping in a recliner rather than stretched out flat in a bed.

So, our CA sofa is definitely large. We purposely bought it oversized because Scoob and I like to lie down together when we watch movies. So I was thinking, if we need a smaller sofa for upstairs, we won't be able to lie together during movies anymore, but with a recliner, we can (nearly) lie together and still cuddle and snuggle. We were both pretty sold on the idea once we thought it through.

I missed out on joining our friends for Thanksgiving and meeting new people in the neighborhood, but Scoob went and being the thoughtful man that he is, brought me home a plate so I could still enjoy some turkey on Friday.

He also brought home a ton of cheese! We are wallowing in cheese. I had sent him over with a cheese plate with Brie, a cheddar with caramelized onions (Yum!), and some other semi-soft cheese I can no longer remember. He came home with the leftovers from those 3, plus 3 other leftover cheeses—a really nice smoked Gouda, some other unknown semi-soft cheese, and a block of Bleu, which I cannot touch. It's a good thing Scoob loves Bleu because the stuff makes me violently ill.

Anyhow, when we were shopping for the cheese plate, I bought a couple others for us to have at the house (another smoked Gouda and an Irish cheddar). Now I'm thinking I shouldn't have bothered. Anyhow, we're nearly out of crackers and now I'm searching for recipes involving cheese so we can use it all up before it goes bad.

Friday and Saturday I was feeling human again. I took it easy on Friday and Saturday I actually stepped out of the house for a few minutes to enjoy some of the sunshine. It's hard to believe it's almost December; it's been 70–75 and sunny. Sunday we ran a couple of light errands in nearby Apex and I even cooked up dinner. But today was really my first day feeling really good and like myself again. Still coughing a bit, but feeling so much better.

Scoob's having to work European hours the next couple of days, which is just wrong. His company needs to post some announcements to their websites for 9:00am in Europe so the poor guy has to be up at 2:00am here to do it. I know it'll be rough on him, so I'm doing what I can to smooth out anything else I can.

In other news, the crew for the trim work came back by this afternoon and finished up their punch list and the dishwasher repairman came by tonight and finished up the last of the repairs on the dishwasher. So yea! I know we've got the flooring crew coming back some time this week to finish the upstairs landing area and then the painting crew for touch ups (no idea when yet) and the landscape crew in a few weeks when they're out in the neighborhood for another contract.

I'm still a little amazed sometimes when we pull up to the house after being out, but it's finally starting to feel like we live here. I guess getting a good sick on in a new house helps to break it in. Scoob still feels like he's visiting, though.

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