Thursday, September 20, 2012

On the Edge

Arrrgh, I know yesterday was talk like a pirate day and not today, but if the power goes out again while I'm trying to write this post again, some body's walking the plank!

In one version, I got all introspective once, talking about how Monday is mom's birthday and we're still not speaking and all the emotional crap wrapped up in that. Then the power went out.

Then I tried waxing eloquent about the gorgeous weather we're having on the edge of Fall and how when I woke up this morning to the fresh, crisp air I knew nothing could go wrong. Then the power went out.

And then I was trying to sort out my thoughts on East of Eden, our book club read for September (book club was tonight). And the power went out.

Now I'm just going to plow through this and get it up! (Before the power goes out!)

Okay, I made the Chile Rellenos Quiche again, and this time I took some pictures. They're up on the original post.

Anyone recognize this vintage Tupperware cheese grater? Mom was going to toss it out when she moved, but for some inexplicable reason I love this thing and it stirs many memories. Of what? Well, of grating cheese, what else?

I've also tweaked my profile over at Pintrest—instead of just having one board for recipes, I've now split it up into recipes to try and recipes I've tried and liked. Usually when I want to make something again, I Google +casawayward +"the name of the recipe" then find it in the search results. Now, I can just go to Pintrest and look at my Tried & True board and it will be there.

I am interested to see how writing up my recipes here and pinning them up there will play out in terms of analytics, traffic to the blog, and just general functionality. 

I am still on the job hunt. There have been a few nibbles recently, and I'm still in the running for a web-based editing/writing position for a company in Poland. (I wonder if I will need to visit the main office? Better get a passport.) But for now, I am still freelancing and work is slow. I keep waiting for the Fall publishing season to take off. And, I'm still waiting.

But I checked in with my pool of freelancers that I send work to, and two of them are not available for Fall, which will be tough because Fall has a large list of titles, but it's also good in that it means I will pick up more of the slack. The person I report to had encouraged me to take a lot of the proofing jobs for myself, but that felt somehow wrong to me since I know my freelancers are also depending on the work for income. But now that I know they aren't available I have no problem picking up that extra work.

I have been teetering on the edge of just making a go of freelancing as my sole means of income. Right now I still spend a lot of time combing the job boards, writing cover letters, and sending out resumes. But if I am really going to do this, I need to stop doing that and put all of that energy into networking and drumming up additional clients. It scares me senseless and yet I know I could do it. I guess I just would have liked the option to decide on it for myself, set aside a nest egg, and ease into it instead of falling into it this way.

I read a report on freelancers the other day, you can download the full report here (the report is a bit large, but is mostly graphs; the page I'm linking to is just a summary), and it has me feeling more positive and confident about freelancing and I am seriously considering embracing it and seeing where the path takes us. Like I said, though, I just wish I had more time to prepare for it. And I wish we both weren't out of work as I make the transition.

Still teetering.

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  1. well Miss Wayward,, seems to me you have done your homework. I am sorry that you are both out of work I know that must be a huge blow after moving across the country and taking on the new home. But you are both educated and intelligent. something will work, I remember when I was younger we were always told nothing ventured is nothing gained. so have a talk with your other half. see where he stands on the issue and ,make a decision. a few of the things I would consider is. who is more easily employable out of the two of you? how long can you sustain yourselves with your current funds? and do you have the contacts to set up a network and make it work? I mean you already have a business account set up. I plan on spending more time on Pinterest and learning it so you dont make me feel so incredibly stupid. but like your dad. I am also a truck driver and my computer skills are all self taught. I went to college to become a counselor for abused women and children and life changed my path. But I do love to cook and I would love to exchange some recipes with you. I guess that means I will have to measure. LOL. I didnt know you and your mom werent speaking, that is an incredibly familiar feeling to me. that is usually the norm for me and my mom but since my other half and i decided to move in with her to save and buy our own home,, not talking to her is incredibly hard. if you ever want to talk then feel free to contact me, you know how, I wish you the best and I hope the power stays on for the rest of the night. BTW.. in the south. they call it "the lights" not the power! LOL .. oh and P.S. my typing must make you CRAZZZY!!! LOL