Thursday, September 6, 2012

Leaping Lizards

I had planned to cook yesterday's Chile Rellenos Quiche again so I could get a picture up with the post and y'all could pin away to your heart's content, but one thing I've really noticed about grocery stores here—Pepper Jack cheese is hard to come by in a 1-pound block size.

I can find it sliced for sandwiches without a problem. And can even find it in the 8-ounce size with some regularity. But 16 ounces? Make an offering to the gods of groceries and you might have a chance of finding it.

Our last two grocery shopping trips have been at Lowes just because we were running other errands that took us in that direction and I've only ever found Jack sliced there. (That sounds weird.) I can usually find the 16 ounce size at Food Lion, but it's nearly 15 miles from Lowes, and I'm sorry, it's just not worth the cost of gas. But next time we're grocery shopping at Food Lion I swear, I'll get the cheese, make the quiche, and get the picture!

(The other thing I've noticed about grocery stores—the bread selection is abysmal. Good crusty sourdough is scarce, as is cinnamon raisin bread, though we've found a pretty good locally-baked seeded loaf. Still, I've found myself toying with the idea of baking our own bread. Considering each loaf costs $3.50–4.00, plus the fact the nearest grocery store is 10 miles from home, baking our own bread might really be worthwhile.)

So yesterday, I was wandering about the house topless (it happens from time to time, we live in the country surrounded by trees) when Scoob came in from the garage and spotted me. I was actually on my way into the laundry area to get a bra and shirt, but at the moment he saw me I was nekkid from the waist up. And he dared me to go outside like that.

Whatever! Please, it's just us, the birds, the deer, a groundhog, and a fox. And maybe that wild turkey. (And the postal carrier if we time it just right.) So I flung open the garage door to the outside…

Much to my surprise (and probably his too), there was a little baby lizard sunning himself on the door when I threw it open. Next thing we both knew, he was airborne, and landed on my bare bosom. I may have yelped just before he dropped into one of Scoob's boots on the floor.

I figured the lizard probably saw more of me than he ever wanted to, so I put on a shirt before fishing him out of the boot and setting him outside again.

Ahhhh, nature.

Not this lizard, though.

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