Monday, June 4, 2012

Musical Mondays—Walk Believer Walk

Last week I may have intimated that I have a new favorite band, but that's just not true—The Black Crowes will forever be my favorite. So when I said The Silent Comedy may be my new favorite band, I should have added some sort of qualifier.

And as much as I can listen to TBC non-stop for days on end, Scoob, however, cannot, and he is forever after me to find new music. Luckily we like the same types of music. For the most part, any way. We both like classic rock, rock, and blues. After that we start to diverge a bit more, he tends to lean off into jazz and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and I head toward bluegrass, some country, and dirty blues/southern-style rock.

Actually, I tend to be all over the place with my music, liking a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, and a whole lotta Black Crowes. Scoob doesn't necessarily appreciate my country and bluegrass leanings, and as far as he's concerned, any thing with the remotest twang is country & western (he still doesn't get the difference between country and western), and if he hears an authoritative banjo, well, that's just straight up hillbilly music. So when he's turning up the volume of his Rippingtons or latest video game, I'm cranking up the Appalachian and bluegrass music—not quite dueling banjos, but dueling just the same.

Anyhow, the POINT is that I'm feeling guilty for even hinting that The Black Crowes may no longer be my favorite band. Their last studio release with new, original music, Warpaint, came out in 2008 after a 7-year dry spell (there was another release Croweology (2010), and while it was new recordings, it consisted of acoustic recordings of some of their greatest hits of the previous 20 years).

I had never really considered TBC a Christian-rock group before, and I still don't, but there's a great deal of Faith in some of the songs on Warpaint, and those are my favorites. And Faith has been on my mind a lot of late. So, for my bestie and her husband (who came home from the hospital last week, 20 days after heart transplant surgery), and their Faith, which has seen them through this, everything leading up to this, and continues to light their path…

Walk Believer Walk
The Black Crowes

Go down go down you stranger
there's something waiting for you
Angels, dolls, and honey
Temples and harpoons
You want your main line Jesus
Your want your diamond God
You want to pull the trigger
And kill the autumn home
So walk believer walk
Straight into the sun
Walk believer walk
Your work ain't ever done
Pray on pray on my brother
Now's the time for truth
Black shadow come a creeping
Take the soul right out of you
Can you feel the demons pulling?
Can you hear the Devil sing?
Can you taste the poison in your mouth?
Feel the weight of his chains
So walk believer walk
Straight into the sun
Walk believer walk
Your work ain't ever done
aaa a a a aaa aaa aaa a a a oo o o aa
So walk believer walk
Straight into the sun
Walk believer walk
Your work ain't ever done

And because I love them so much (both TBC and my bestie and her hubby) I'ma gonna give y'all 3 ways to experience this one.
Studio recording.

The best live version I came across.

And acoustic.

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