Thursday, June 14, 2012

Communication FTW

Me: Hey honey, I'm going to make my mushroom, red pepper, scrambled egg breakfast burrito thing. Do you want some?
Scoob: Yes, please.
Scoob: Except I don't want it the way you make it. I just want scrambled eggs with leftover stew and rice.
Me: Okay. So, in other words you want something completely different from what I'm making, and your answer is really "No, but would you make this for me?"
Scoob: Exactly. Please. *grin*

It's a good thing I love him.

Just for that, I think I will make him go to the National Hollerin' Contest this weekend. Spivey's Corner (pop. 450, give or take) is about 2 hours southeast of here. And if you're wondering what all the hollerin' is about, here's a bit on the lost art of hollerin'.

We'll get to see an area we haven't been in yet, we'll definitely experience some local culture and flavor, and all proceeds go toward supporting the Spivey's Corner Volunteer Fire Department. Our little town will probably feel down right cosmopolitan after a day of hollerin'.

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