Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Don't Blink

I swear, I blinked and the world has suddenly gone green around me. It was sort of sneaky at first, with the wild dogwoods opening up, and now… BAM! It's like we live in a forest.

Well, we sorta do. But that's not the point.

It actually looks like a forest now.

Several azalea blooms survived the deer. We'll net off the flower
beds next fall and hopefully have healthier plants next spring.

My kousa dogwood is showing signs of life in the front yard.
I think it will be pink. No idea, really.

The backyard from the porch. We'll have to thin some of understory, partly
for fire prevention (like anything could catch a spark in the humidity!) and
partly for tick prevention (probably the more real problem).

I like how those two trees frame this shot. Scoob needs to mow.

This will look so different when someone starts building on
the lot next to us, but for now, we'll enjoy the wildness of it.

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