Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh, We Have Granite, Too!

The photographer put these pictures up last weekend. I have to say, I am not thrilled with the yellow tint to everything. I had hoped when we asked her to take the tint off the paint photos that she would leave it off altogether. It seems like it would be an obvious assumption that the client would like to see the actual colors of things, rather than looking at them through a yellow tint.

Kitchen granite in the Bulter area. I'll be pretty disappointed if this granite
ends up looking this green (and the paint this yellow).

Granite for the master bath and sink.

The whole master bath cabinet. What the hell???

Okay, this clearly isn't right. The original house plans called for angled cabinets here (there's another sink cabinet on the other side of the doorway). When the cabinetry vendor and I were discussing it, we agreed to square off these cabinets so that the doors won't bang into them. Unfortunately, no one communicated this to the granite people.

This is not the first granite mishap we've run into due to the granite vendor not receiving revised plans. But this is the first mishap that wasn't caught before the granite was cut and installed.

Wait. I take that back. The kitchen butler area pictured above is also not supposed to have a backsplash. The builder and I discussed this and he thought it would be better to repeat the rock that will go on the sink wall in the butler area. But no one told the granite people. Luckily that's just a matter of taking off the backsplash. These bathroom counters are another matter.

The way I see it, there are really only two options—take out the sinks, take off the granite, ship it back to the shop and have them recut it and reinstall everything; or build a cabinet to fit under the overhang as called for in the original plans. I want the second option, but I'm waiting to see what the builder says our options are. Either way, I don't feel that we should have to pay to correct a mistake that could have been avoided if the builder had made sure all the vendors were working from the same set of plans.

I will say, though, that I am glad this mistake was made. I don't think I would have liked the counters squared off in the bathroom, but that may still be what I get depending on what the builder says.

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