Friday, May 7, 2010

Something’s Fishy

Wow, so it’s been a whole month since I last posted. More than a whole month as someone (*cough*mom*cough*) keeps reminding me. I’m not really sure what happened except that every time I thought about sitting down to write I kept coming up with something else I would rather do. Or needed to do. Or rather thought I needed to do. Oh well. I’z here now.

Actually, I’ve realized that ever since Scoob got me the iPhone for Valentine’s I don’t really turn on my computer at home anymore. I check my email from the phone. I can Facebook from the phone. I can follow Twitter from my phone. I can check work email from my phone. I can read all my favorite blogs from my phone. Unless I need to download pictures or pay bills (which I actually think I can do from my phone) there’s really no cause for me to turn on the computer. I could probably even blog from the phone, but the idea of writing out a full post on that screwy little keyboard makes me go cross-eyed. I may have to give it a whirl though.


So Scoob, being the ever health conscious goober that he is bought some fish oil vitamins a while back. When they arrived, he decided he didn’t want them because they contained cholesterol (a whole 10mg). So he gave them to me and ordered a different kind for himself. So this new bottle arrives, and guess what, they also contain cholesterol (again, 10mg) and now he’s frustrated. He wants the beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids, but not the cholesterol.

So this is the point where I remind him that not all cholesterol is bad, like how when the doctor orders blood work from the lab and they look at both good (HDL) and bad (LDL) cholesterols. And maybe, just maybe, the Omega-3s fall in the good category. Because I’ll be darned if I’m going to take another 400 pill bottle from him. I don’t think I could stand it.

Because people, listen, those fish oil pills are gross. Oh they don’t taste like anything going down, but lawd-ah-mighty they taste something awful for the next 2 hours as I’m burping away. And get this, you’re supposed to take them 3 times a day. Yeah, right. Once a day if I can force myself to do it and if I don’t take them with food, like in the middle of a meal, I’m a burping queen. The cats love it.

So I’ll pretend to keep taking those stinky gross pills, I may even actually let Scoob see me swallow one now and again for show, but I’ll be sneaking them into his bottle until they’re gone. I mean really, if I’m going to have to put up with my own stinky fish burps, I might as well just eat more fish and at least get to enjoy the reason I’m burping.


  1. Woo hoo! I knew you were still around, thanks to the occasional FB posts/comments, but I've missed you here. :)

    Happy weekend to you. Enjoy some real fish!

  2. YAY real fish! I get a panko breaded tilapia from Costco that is mild and quick and everyone eats it!