Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So very many things I keep meaning to get to around here. The whole one monitor set up for two computers is really starting to wear on me. I can't just walk into the office and use my computer whenever I like. I must coordinate with Scoob and I usually only get computer time after work for the whole 20 minutes he's in the shower, then it's time to eat dinner and wind down for the day.

Lots and lots of stuff going on. The landscaping for the house was pushed back to today due to Hurricane Irene because they thought the ground would be too water logged to plant anything. But in reality, hardly any of the storm made it to where we will soon live. The house is fine, and all our friends are fine.

We met with a real estate agent last Friday, visited one of their open homes over the weekend, and we'll meet with them again on Friday this week to sign an agreement and stage the house for photos. Going to be a lot of heavy lifting that day. To get ready for it (and for the move in general) I've been incorporating some core strength and balancing moves into my workouts so hopefully I won't have so much back pain from the move.

The agent's brother works for U-Haul and has offered us a 20% discount on a truck for our move. I need to price it all out, but I'm pretty sure this will be the least expensive option for moving now, and Scoob is resigned to driving both the car and a truck cross-country. Though he thinks he gets to drive the car; I say we're taking turns. We'll see.

I've started pulling everything out of the kitchen cupboards and packing. Packing for taking with us and packing for getting rid of. I'm leaving a place setting for 4 that we'll continue to use. And I'll be darned if our kitchen didn't become immediately more tidy. The lesson seems to be that when you don't have very many dishes, you less apt to leave dirty ones setting in the sink.

We've been doing some other heavy, deep cleaning. Scoob has thoroughly hosed and scrubbed down the exterior of our house. We've scrubbed the front door and learned that it was really white, not gray. I've been tackling the blinds in the house and then all the windows. And Scoob's been diligently packing, packing, packing.

I've got more, so much more, that I want to write about, but the fact is, every time I sit still long enough to think about writing I find myself under a deluge of all the other things I need to do and should be doing with the time for the move. Here's to hoping I find a nice, calm chunk of time soon.

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