Sunday, July 17, 2011

Photo Update & Budgeting

So Scoob's computer monitor bit the dust this past week and we're currently sharing my monitor. It is making for some interesting computer arrangements in our office. We're not sure if we'll replace it right away, or wait until after we move. We'll see how this arrangement works for a little while before we make a decision.

As for me, there was more discussion about moving me to a Mac at work, which means I'd need to have a Mac at home if I'm going to telecommute after the move. If that's the case, then Scoob can just take my monitor outright. But all that remains to be seen.

Well, since the last time I wrote, the interior walls of the house have been painted, the tile work is nearly complete, most of the trim work is in place, and most of the lighting fixtures have been installed. Oh, and I had another round of revisions with the landscaper designer. Still ironing out a few details there and haggling the price.

I am so thankful to have someone taking pictures and keeping us updated, but I really wish I were there.

Scoob and I started pricing moving options this weekend so we can prepare a more realistic moving budget and get closer to making a decision as to how we're going to get us, the cats, and our stuff to North Carolina. I have to say I was left speechless for awhile after I received quotes for $5,900-ish from the folks at PODS and United/Mayflower. Even though we don't have a price for the RV rental just yet, we know the fuel expense alone is going to be almost another $1,500 if we go that route.

Let's just say Scoob and I are having some very frank discussions regarding what we're going to take with us.

Thankfully we had several additional container/moving quotes come in an hour or so later in the $2,800–3,100 range. Even better, a few of them are even from reputable companies with very good reviews. MUCH more in line with what I had been expecting. So, we'll keep separating the wheat from the chaff with regard to our belongings and we'll keep building out the budget.

In the meantime… Pictures!

First time we're seeing the stairway with the railing and spindles, baseboard, and crown.
Also a good shot of the kitchen color, Burlap SW6137 (left) and the neutral color for the house, Barcelona Beige SW7530 (stairwell).

Ceiling fan installed in the office and crown moulding.
One of the accent paint colors, Expressive Plum SW6271.

Here's the main foyer with the chandelier and front door installed.
You can also see the dining room paint, Lagoon SW6780, to the left.
It looks more like the color we intended when it's in shadow like this.
Less so when the lighting is brighter.

From the dining room. I'm just noticing it, but I'm a little surprised at the
placement of the air intake vent for the heating/cooling system.

Looking in to the kitchen.

The trim for the fireplace mantle in the keeping room/kitchen is done.

Master bedroom with ceiling fan, baseboards, and crown.
It's difficult to tell, but this is another color of paint, Gateway Gray SW7644.

Scoob and I both have a fondness for glass blocks,
and the tile work around the tub is nearly complete.

The inside of the shower stall is done. Although, we're pretty sure there was
supposed to be a tiled bench seat in here. I have an email off to the builder.

This is our home. And it's waiting for us.


  1. AWESOME! Love the office color

  2. I am officially inviting myself to see your new home in person! lol
    Brian P