Wednesday, July 27, 2011

…Early to Rise

We're doing some mandatory training at the office this week and I have to be at work by 9:00 am every day. I know. Life's rough right? But I normally get into the office around 10:00–10:30 and get to avoid the morning (and evening) rush hours. So this week I've been mastering "Early to Rise."

Unfortunately, I've never quite gotten the hang of "Early to Bed," so as the week moves on, I'm getting more tired.

So, while I'm half asleep and barricaded in the conference room for training,the half of the half-brain that's awake is also trying to coordinate for the annual family Idaho road trip, thinking about the house, thinking about moving expenses, trying to figure out how to go about finding a property manager, trying to decide whether Roo will need another oil change before we leave in a couple weeks, trying to figure if Roo will need an oil change while we're on the trip.

Yeah. Distracted. I'm starting to wonder how much of this training I'm going to retain.

I did speak with the builder this morning before work about the laundry room sink, though. I'm not quite sure what I agreed to with regard to the sink, but I did learn that the kitchen appliances arrived on time, the wine refrigerator finally arrived (after they missed and rescheduled the delivery 4 times), the kitchen cabinets finished installing today, and the granite is going on tomorrow. Hope to have more pictures soon.

But now dinner is ready, and if I'm ever going to be early to bed, I'd better get to it.

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