Thursday, June 16, 2011

What do you think?

So I totally intended to give you a good update tonight, but I got side tracked reading my best friend's blog.

Since I kept mentioning that they had been painting the house when I was leaving North Carolina, I figured I had better at least let you see it! What do you think?

Funny story. While we had been decided on the shade of green we wanted for months now, Scoob and I never talked about the trim. And when the builder asked me what color I wanted the trim to be, I thought he was referring to the interior trim work since I had just met with the trim guy that day. I chose a white called Snowbound, by the way. (I think I may have been trying to play a psychological trick on myself by choosing such a cold sounding name in that heat.)

Imagine my surprise when I pulled up to the house and the painters were finishing up work on the exterior trim... in Snowbound.

It's a darned good thing I like it.

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