Monday, June 6, 2011

New Pictures of the House

Oh my god. I'm melting here. Folks are saying it's unusually hot for this time of year, but it's 85-90 everyday and just stupid humid. I just got my hair cut on Saturday, but I can't do anything with it. I better learn to love frizz.

And I don't know if the guy at the Avis counter was trying to kill me or just play a prank on an out-of-towner or what. So I checked in for my rental car and he gave me my receipt and said my car was across the lot in spot 829. So I hike out across the lot, pulling my luggage in 90 degree heat only to find that spot 829 is completely blocked in. I can't even get to it with my luggage let alone drive the car out of there. So off I go, dragging my luggage and wheezing back across the baking asphalt. Did I mention I was also wearing heels?

Dude must have thought I was going to have a stroke my face was so red when I made it back to the air-conditioned office. So he finds another compact car for me in space 10. 10? Right next to the office? Crap! Why couldn't you have given me that one in the first place!? 

So after leaving the rental counter the second time, my first stop was to check in on the house. Okay, my first stop was a grocery store for some water, but after that I went to the house. We're really going to be thankful we sprung for the spray foam insulation.

I don't have a cell phone signal where I'm staying and since Scoob didn't come with me this trip, I don't have a computer either. So I'm feeling very cut off, but I'll try to send updates. 


  1. Kaitlyn loves the trees behind your house - says they would be great to play in! :D