Saturday, June 11, 2011

Waiting for My Ride

Hanging out at the airport waiting for my plane. So far we're delayed by 20 minutes due to bad weather over Pennsylvania. I know we're supposed to get lightning storms here today and tomorrow and if we don't get off the ground before the storms hit, this could prove to be a very long travel day.

Our housing development was having a pool opening social today and I went dessert shopping with a friend last night. Actually, I stayed at their house last night. Our builders needed to leave their house around 3:30am today to catch a 6:00 flight for Seattle and it just made for sense for me to stay the last night with them. I'm very happy that our schedules synched up at the end of the week.

Guess what I learned last night? Fireflies continue to glow after they're dead. Only for about 5-10 seconds, but still. I hit a bunch of them on my windshield last night, that's the only reason I know that. Also got bit by my first fire ant and had a nice conversation with a decent sized frog.

I made one last stop at the house before leaving today. I wish I could stay because it is changing day by day. The exterior paint and trim is done, stone will go up next week. The hardwood floors are about 2/3 done with installation and all the permaboard for tile is in and they can start tile as soon as it is delivered.

The only decisions I really have left are a couple of clarifications on trim work and then paints. I ended up liking very few of the paint colors I picked up earlier in the week. Since we'll need to coordinated paint with that rock wall I'm actually packing a 6"x24" tile of the stone and granite samples home with me. Yeah. Heavy. But our friends loaned me a larger carry on and I redistributed a few things so nothing triggered overweight charges. I just hope it doesn't break.

Spent some time strategizing the move with our friends last night and I'm really liking the plan we came up with. We're all going to work on Scoob and try to talk him into it.

Scoob wants to pack our condo into a Pod, ship my car, and fly to North Carolina with the cats in cargo. Last night I was kicking around packing the condo into a Pod and renting a small RV with a trailer for the car. Having an RV means the cats could come with us and be comfortable, we could make our own eats and not have a lot of food expenses, and no hotel expenses. I'll have to do some research and look at the math, but I'm really liking that idea.

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