Friday, June 10, 2011

Steam Rolling

Things are really moving along at an incredible speed right now. We ordered 1700 sqft of hardwood on Tuesday. It was delivered Wednesday morning. And it was being installed on Thursday. All of my tile choices seem to be within our allowances, the builder just needs to send them final sqft measurements so they can work up a solid quote.

The bid for the trim work came in for the work that's above and beyond what's included with the house. The build price included organization units in the closets, chair rail in the dining room, 7" baseboard, crown moulding, and mantles (within reason) for the fireplaces.

I just about hadf a heart attack when I saw the bid. Then, he forgot and left a couple items off the bid. When I asked about them ("I assume since you didn't include dollar amount for the other trim work we discussed that those items are included in the cost of the build") he quickly sent the other numbers, which prompted me to have another heart attack.

Some of the items, like 2 built-in bookcases, would be nice, but at $700 each I think I can do without. It's always something that could be done later if we decide we really, reallly want it.

Also got an almost final bid on lighting, but I think I can shave at least $400 off of that if I source a few lights myself. I never really, truly liked any of the island pendant lights and I saw something at Lowe's that I like at least as much as what I ended up picking at the show room. When I figure that the showroom wants $150 per pendant and I can get the ones at Lowe's for $40–50 each I said I might as well get the ones at Lowe's. There was also a light in the laundry room for $185 from the showroom and I found something similar for $70. Home Depot is currently having a sale on ceiling fans too, so I'll need to check those out and see if I can't save some more there.

And once we get a final sqft on the living room fireplace and know how much stone tile we'll need for it I should be able to salvage some of the mantle allowance to shift to another line item. I'm hoping I can pick up $600 there.

They started painting the exterior today and the painters also put up color swatches for me on the interior. I'm heading over to the house first thing in the morning to see the swatches in different lights. The build price includes 3 colors on the interior, but I was talking with the builder and I can have 2–3 more colors if I want them at no extra charge for the labor. So I am looking at more colors. The exterior color is perfect. The artichoke green perfectly matches some of the foliage in the trees behind the house, which is exactly what I was going for. I'll see what it looks like with 2 dry coats in the morning. I may change my tune on that.

Met with the new landscaper today. I don't know how productive that meeting was, but he got a sense of what I like (cone flowers, seasonal color, don't you dare touch my dogwoods, ornamental grass, lots of contrasting color and texture, must stay on budget) and what I don't like (as little grass as possible, nothing that's overpoweringly fragrant, holly), so we'll see what he comes up with.

One of the couples we met on a previous visit just bought a house down the street from us. So yea! More friends in the neighborhood! After I meet with the builder at the site tomorrow morning I don't have any appointments all day, so going to hang out with a good friend and we'll meet up with another friend and our new neighbors for dinner.

Then it's Saturday and I'm on a plane. I can't believe it's time to go home already. This week has gone by so quickly, but I feel like a lot has been accomplished. And my hosts have been incredible. I thought it would be awkward staying with the builders, but they're so genuine and laid back it hasn't felt the least bit awkward. Even hanging out with their kids has been great. (Hope they feel the same. :))

Anyhow, was trying to get Scoob on the phone a bit ago and couldn't get through to him in his cell or at the house. It's late on the west coast and I have to admit I'm a bit worried. I hoping he was just in the shower when I called. Going to try him again. Toodles.

Whew--he's fine.

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