Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Well-Lubricated Saturday

I finally took my car in for an oil change toady. It's one of Scoob's least favorite tasks so I left him at home, grabbed a book, and headed out.

I was a little surprised when the guy at the lube shop greeted me by name as I pulled in. Other than being distinctively dirty, my car certainly doesn't stand out—not at all like my beat up Geo Metro or the yellow VW Dasher with the silver hood and front fender did. And it isn't as if I'm a regular, I mean, it has been over 10,000 miles since my last visit.

Maybe it's because I generally understand what he's telling me when we're talking about the car, maybe it's because I don't treat him like he's trying to rip me off. He certainly wasn't flirting. When a guy is flirting he usually won't talk about his wife. Usually.

Anyhow, I got a lot done on the car Saturday, then drove over to the bank to deposit a refund from my auto insurance premium. As part of the ongoing effort to refinance the house, at the very last possible moment, the bank told us we needed to have home owner's insurance covering at least 20% of the loan. So we got a long overdue home owners policy. The financial planner we used to work with had recommended we insure the contents of the house anyway, so I had already had a discussion with my Farmers agent and knew I'd get a discount on my auto insurance.

After stopping at the bank I went over to Target (I needed bags for the vacuum cleaner and new mascara) and met up with Scoob who had ridden his bike. I had picked up a 25% off coupon at work for World Market's Friends and Family sale, so we wandered in that direction. Once we got in the store I overheard (I do that a lot) an older lady talking to the manager about a piece of furniture she wanted to buy.

She was trying to get a discount and the manager told her "Well if you were on the Friends and Family mailing list..." blah blah blah, but she would need to go home and sign up online so she couldn't get the discount that day. Since I had the coupon, I knew it was really just a matter of the manager entering a code at check out. It kinda cheesed me off so I gave the woman my coupon. It didn't apply to food stuffs, which was probably the only thing we would get anyhow seeing as how Scoob was off scoping out the chocolates. He ended up getting chipotle chocolate and pomegranate chocolate.

After that we came home, had dinner, watched (yet another) movie, and generally called it a night.

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