Monday, January 16, 2012

PS3 Move vs. Xbox Kinect

Scoob got his Move controllers for his PS3 for Christmas and he's been having fun with them. Playstation has developed lots of compatible games for the motion controllers, though I don't particularly like them; most of them are shoot-'em-up first-person-shooters, which I generally don't care for anyways, and I find them more difficult to play with the motion controllers than with the hand-held controllers.

Scoob did get me Everybody Dance and Zumba games to use with the motion controllers. We sent Zumba back. The motion sensors for that dance/workout/game are so screwy. I can just wave the controller around and it thinks I'm dancing with all the right moves, however if I actually dance, it has no idea what I'm doing. That could say more about my dancing skills than anything else, but I don't think so. Everybody Dance has been fun, though I wouldn't call it a workout. I definitely break a sweat, and I'm up moving around, and I've been pretty sore a couple of times afterward. There's a workout option for the game that I haven't tried yet, but I've got to learn all the dance steps first before I try that one.

Friends of ours got an Xbox Kinect for Christmas and we went over to play some games with them. I gotta say, I think the camera and motion sensors for the Xbox are much more accurate than the Playstation, and I like the fact that you don't actually have to hold a controller with the Xbox. I also I liked the way Dance Central II taught the dance moves more than Everybody Dance; but that's more about the game play and development than it is about the system.

Another thing I liked about the Xbox...

fewer injuries. That's the freakin' bruise I was sporting after whacking myself in the hand with the Playstation Move controller.

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