Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Internet, Sweet Internet

So, we're here! We got to our new home on Monday at noon, met with the builder briefly, then started unloading the truck. It's hard to believe, but what took us several days to load, only took a few hours to unload. Of course we just set it all in the garage. We've been slowly bringing things into the house to unpack.

Yesterday was a bit of a nightmare with the cable/internet/phone service provider. The appointment window was from 8 to noon and I was told that the tech would call up to an hour before coming to the house to confirm and if we missed the call or it went to voice mail he would not come to the house. So I got myself up before dawn and parked my sleepy hiney somewhere where I had a cell phone signal (because we don't have one at the house) by 7 am.

Dispatch called around 11 to say the appointment was being cancelled. Again. You see, the appointment was originally for 5 to 9 on Monday evening because I was supposed to be online and back to work on Tuesday. But instead I spent my day hanging out in my car. After getting a supervisor on the phone to look at the history I was told the technician would still be out, but that he would be late. He finally called at 3:45 and I had to meet him along the road to lead him to the house--the previous appointments had been cancelled because they couldn't find the house.

Turns out the modem the tech had with him was bunk. He managed to get us 1 cable channel before leaving around 6:30. That's it. One channel. Thankfully it was an English channel. He came back this morning and now we're good to go. I got in several hours of work today and we're even starting to get phone calls.

We're going to start our house shopping this weekend. We'll probably start with little stuff--a rake for the leaves, felt pads to put on furniture legs, and start looking at some area rugs. We've been hesitant to put any furniture down on the hardwood floors without felt pads on the legs or a rug to rest them on. So I've got a desktop balanced on a couple of boxes and I'm sitting on the floor typing away. Not the most comfortable or ergonomic position.

And the house is so echo-y and I really think it's bothering the cats; they barely venture out of the bedroom, but Dozer has at least done a little exploring. But then again we do only have a sofa out in the main area. I imagine a couple rugs and a few pieces of furniture will help with that. But I don't want to just rush out and buy whatever. We'll have to shop around and see what we like and what we can afford.

Actually, the beasties traveled really well for the drive out. They were a little tired of being in the car that last day, luckily we only drove for 2 hours that day. Honestly, it's like the cats had a Freaky Friday episode or something. Tank was always the bold explorer Alpha male and Dozer was timid, squirmy, and happy to hide in a box. They're complete opposites now. Tank is currently hiding under the toilet (I imagine he'll move when one of us goes in there) and Dozer is hanging out with us in the office. I'm hoping Tank gets back to his usual self soon.

Scoob spend some time talking with our friends today to find out what the heck happened back in September. Apparently they thought we'd gotten an email that we didn't and that's why we were completely in the dark. Scoob's still in the doghouse for something he said back in April, but I guess I'm still on good terms with them. I'm still very confused, but I'm beginning to understand how the miscommunications happened.

Well, time to go unpack a few more boxes, I think. Still trying to convince myself that this is our house. Everything is so shiney and new. It feels like we've rented a hotel suite or something. Oh yeah, we've received 2 offers on the condo in California. We probably should have listed it for a little more, but at least it looks like we'll be able to sell it quickly, which is way better than having sits for 6 months while we pay taxes, mortgage, insurance, and homeowner association fees on it.We'll be talking with the real estate agents tomorrow.


  1. YAY for the offers on the condo!! Very awesome. ANd I am happy to hear things are getting sorted out with your friends. I will keep praying about that, too. I am so excited for you guys!

  2. Yay! Lots and lots of good news! Moving has never been fun for me, so I *TOTALLY* get all the "this went wrong, then that". BUT the good thing is that it will all work out in the end - just hang in there! Glad to hear that the friend thing is smoothing over, too. So, when do we all get to come visit? lol XP