Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Good as Gold

My, oh my. So, on top of all my computer issues, now Scoob's work laptop has stopped connecting to his work server. Apparently this started last Wednesday, aaaaand they're still trying to fix it. We spent several hours at the HP offices on Sunday trying to get it sorted out, then had to get him to Cupertino Monday morning when it still wasn't working.

Inconvenient, sure. But under normal circumstances it wouldn't have been a big deal. But I also had to get to Berkeley so my IT person could finish getting my computer ready for working remotely. Essentially we each needed to be 30 miles away from home, in completely opposite directions, with only 1 car.

Scoob managed to get a lift into the office with his boss, and our wonderful friends and neighbors L&A picked him up on their way home. We're going to miss L&A so much once we've moved.

Scoob's people didn't manage to fix the problem yesterday, so he had to go back into an office again today. Luckily, my people did finish my computer, so I was able to work from home today and let Scoob have the car. He left around 6:00am. It's nearly 7:00pm and he's still not home. Poor sweetie. He's going to be completely exhausted. And we still have so much to do. I was really hoping to tackle some larger tasks this evening.

I managed to get a few boxes packed, stripped the bed to wash the comforter and sheets (in preparation for putting the mattress of the floor tonight and taking apart the bed frame), and emptied out and cleaned the laundry closet during breaks from work. Been a busy beaver today. But as I watch the clock tick later and later, I'm pretty sure the bed is not going to get done tonight, unless of course I do it myself. But then I'll get hollered at for lifting heavy things, and well… there's just no winning.

In other news, the awards dinner for the 2011 Chatham, Wake, and Orange counties in North Carolina was tonight, and our home won the gold medal for its price point. Woo hooo! And that's another notch in the builder's belt too. This makes their third gold medal home in as many years. Woooo double hoooo!

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  1. awesome about your gold! I love what I've seen in the pictures