Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our New Edition

Please join us in welcoming Roo to our family. I thought Roo was a fitting name because one of the extra options the customer who originally ordered it wanted was a set of 3 cargo net pouches for the back area. And naturally, pouches made me think of kangaroos. Well, that and the fact that it's an Outback and kangaroos live in the Outback. So there you have it. Please allow me to introduce Roo.

I did get to take it for a short drive before leaving with it. And it's wicked awesome! I couldn't stop grinning the whole time! Another option the customer put on there was a short-throw shifter, which makes it a very sporty drive. Several of the guys at the dealership hadn't known that shifter was available for the Outback and a few of them took it for a spin before I got there.

I probably would not have put every thing on here that the phantom customer ordered, but I'm so glad she walked away from it and we found it. Other than a grill separating the cargo and seating areas (Scoob and were talking about taking it out this weekend), it's like it was custom made for me. I feel like I should find and thank that customer.

I'm looking forward to a road trip. But I'm not looking forward to the palpitations I'll have the first time I fill the tank. It's an almost 19 gallon tank.

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