Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So you'd think at 40 I'd be well past the phase of giving my moms homemade cards. Think again.

I certainly didn't make anything like these when I was 10!

Our friend in NC does Stampin' Up! and I sat in with one of her stamping groups while we were visiting and we made these cards. I thought they were perfect for Mother's Day.

Things have been a little crazy here. My new car? It's in the shop. And I'm driving a loaner. There's nothing wrong with it, but we've made several trips to San Jose to have the dealer install a few items (like side mouldings to protect against door dings and a hood protector to help prevent rock chips) and when they called me to pick up the car it turned out they had ordered everything for the green car I originally purchased, not the dark gray one I actually have.

So only half the things were installed. But they'd already ordered the others and I could bring the car back in a few days to have those installed. Then there was one other item that the gray car didn't have that had been on the green car. They would have to order that too, and I could bring the car back again for that. So I finally said if it's all the same to you, just keep Roo until everything is done and I'll hang onto the loaner.

Then Scoob told me Gus the finance guy called to say we had filled out some paperwork incorrectly and needed to go back to the dealer to take care of that, too. But at least this error is in my favor; my monthly payments will end up being a little lower. I don't know exactly how much lower, because Gus's number is on his business card, his card is in Roo's glovebox, and they have Roo!

But we did get to go to the Stanford Powwow this Saturday. We haven't gone in years. Actually we haven't gone to any powwows for a long time, so it felt good to be there. That, and I figured it would be our last chance to go to a big powwow before we move. We got to talk with some of the vendors we knew from working the old De Anza Powwow (Scoob and I were part of the student powwow organization, that's how we met), I managed to catch a few of the dance contests (men's grass is my favorite, though the chicken dance special was a treat), recognized a few dancers from powwows past, and we even ran into one of our fellow De Anza powwow veterans while we were there; he lives in Bend, OR now.

I know there were lots of other De Anza people there, but even though we were looking for them, we didn't see them. We still had a good time, though. It just felt good to be outside in the sun, browsing the vendor stalls, and listening to the drums. It made me wonder what an east coast powwow is like. I'm sure we'll go to one or two when we get out there, but it'll be different if only because I know there won't be smile of recognition in the crowd of faces.

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  1. I like the cards! We got my mom and my MIL Mother's Day cards in Thailand which I forgot AGAIN to give them. They are going to lose significance! argh.