Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Adventure Begins

If you've followed me here from my previous blog, it's good to see you again and the cast of characters here remains the same: me (Wayward), the fiancĂ© (Scoob), and the cats—Madame Barf-O-Matic (aka Dozer) and Sir Talks Alot (aka Tank).

If this is your first time, welcome, and let me apologize now for anything I may say or do in the future.

The idea for this blog came about shortly after Scoob and made the decision to build a new home across the country, outside Chapel Hill, NC. As you can imagine, building a house is an exciting (and stressful) project, and has been the focus of most of my thoughts for the past few months.

I would have loved to blog about all of this on the old blog, but I was afraid some of my co-workers and possibly my boss might be reading it. You see, they don't know that I'll be moving across the country before the year is out, and I'd really like to keep my job while we're still in the Bay Area. And hopefully, I'll be able to telecommute once we do move. But for now, I need to keep it all under wraps.

And yet, here I am, blathering about it on the internets. So what gives?

Since building this house seems to be consuming nearly all my thoughts with all the decisions that need to be made, I need a place to put all of this down. And a central place where I can share ideas with and get opinions from family and friends (and anyone else who happens to stop by) instead of email.

I'm hoping I can remain anonymous, at least for the time being, by blogging at a new location. Once we get closer to our move date, about a month or so out, I'll share our news with my boss and deal with whatever comes next.

It feels like I've been keeping this secret forever. But really, our construction loan was only finalized at the end of February, and everything could have fallen apart at any moment before that.

The next few posts will probably be more about the background of how we got to this moment, but then the fun stuff—paint chips, tile samples, light fixtures, and more—will start.

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