Saturday, May 9, 2009

Vacuuming Sucks

Vacuuming sucks. It always has. But then again, I guess it should, because if vacuuming didn't suck, you wouldn't be vacuuming. But vacuuming has always been my least favorite household chore, so it sucks in that way too. I think it's mostly the noise that bothers me. When the vacuum cleaner comes out, I want to run and hide like the cats do.

I'd rather scrub our toilets than vacuum. (Notice I said our toilets. If I were cleaning someone else's house, I think I'd have to rank vacuuming as more pleasant than cleaning the toilets.)

Anyhow. The Hoover Windtunnel we bought a few years ago has reached the point where it is more trouble than it is worth. Scoob and I both have longish hair, combine that with the hair from two cats and we've been burning through belts every third time we vacuum for about the past year. Lately though, it has gotten to the point now that we cannot even fully vacuum a single room in the house without burning through the belt.

Not only do we need to replace the beater bar belt frequently, there's also the lovely burnt rubber smell that lingers in the house for hours after vacuuming whether or not the belt breaks. You know, that's just not the smell I'm going for when I clean house.

Since we know long hair is often a problem, ever since we bought the machine we've made it a habit to clean the beater brush after every vacuuming session. I have even taken to getting on my hands and knees to use an old hair brush to brush the carpets before using the vacuum. Vacuum cleaners are supposed to make cleaning easier not more complicated.

Anyhow, Scoob and I decided today that it's time to cut our losses with the Hoover and buy a new vacuum. I started doing some research online today, but given how long it took us to actually purchase the Hoover, there's really no telling how quickly we'll buy the replacement. Given our issues with storage space, we'll probably go with another upright model. I think we're leaning toward a Dyson, but we're still considering the options. However, I find it very unlikely that we'll be getting another Hoover.

Have any of you had a vacuum that you've particularly loved or hated? Please share.


  1. Hmmmm we actually have a Hoover Windtunnel so I may not be much help. We do have a Roomba for downstairs with all our hard floors. It's pretty awesome as long as you're not in a hurry and don't watch it work. It can be pretty random in its pattern. What's nice about the Roomba is setting it up and leaving. Less noise when you don't have to be in the room with the vacuum. :D We also helped Mom get a Roomba from, but it's still here in a box and she hasn't tried it.

  2. We have a Kirby, and have used it for years (13+ at this point). My hair has ranged from chin legnth to half way down my back, yet that has not been a problem. I can tell you that it did not fair well when the kids sucked up part of the cord, but Troy replaced it and all was right again.

  3. Hmmmm, we've considered a Roomba for light vacuuming. Considering how terrified the cats are of the Hoover, I wonder how they'd feel about a Roomba. That and our floors are mostly carpeted.

    Speaking of Roomba, here's a long-exposure photo showing the Roomba's pattern, or lack of one. It's actually kind of pretty.

    I think mom had a Kirby canister vac when I was growing up. It certainly did a good job (she may even still have it), but it is also the beast I most closely associate with the dreaded task.