Sunday, March 8, 2009

Shh, I'm Hunting

In the ongoing hunt for curtains to cover the closet opening, today, we went to IKEA. Some people love shopping at IKEA. I'll do it if I have to, but it's not something I look forward too.

Actually, I did go to IKEA this one time, after work, on a week night, and it really wasn't all that bad. Truthfully, it was borderline enjoyable. But the weekends are murder.

Well, I didn't find what I was hoping for at IKEA. The color scheme of our bedroom is kind of Mediterranean and I was hoping to go with that in the curtains, but IKEA leans more toward primary colors and complete neutrals. So the hunt is still on.

But our trip wasn't a complete bust. We did pick up a desk lamp and a waste basket for the office. I grabbed a new pillow for sleeping. And I picked up some really inexpensive pine picture frames for a project Mom is working on. Now I just need to mail them.

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