Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Little Shake and a Little Roll

We had a small earthquake here today.

Though, as I look at that earthquake map from the USGS website and see the relative sizes of our other recent quakes, I'm thinking maybe it wasn't so small after all.

It registered 4.3 and was centered just south of San Jose, CA. I was at work in Berkeley, about 60 miles away, and I felt it while sitting at my desk. Just a little roll and sway, enough to make me feel just a tad off balance. Given the number of trains that shake our building daily, the fact it immediately registered as a quake made it noteworthy.

And wouldn't you know it, instead of working from home, Scoob was using a vacation day to take his car in for smog check and run some errands... in San Jose! When I called to make sure he was alright, and mostly to ask that he avoid taking any bridges on his way home, he said he hadn't felt a thing. He'd been in a mall and they sway so much anyhow as a part of their construction, he'd had no idea anything had happened.

The excitement at the office was over in about 5 minutes and we were all back to business as usual, which amazes me when I stop to think about it. I mean terra firma just became a little less firma! It's not like we have a quake every day, or even every month that we should be blasé about it—but we are.

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