Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I don't know if it's the crud or allergies, or both, but Scoob is outta commission. And between taking care of the sickly man, trying not to get sick myself, and keeping up at work, I'm finding fewer and fewer minutes to blog.

Interestingly, I ran across an article on Monday that said allergy season was starting earlier here in the Bay Area due to the warm-ish and dry winter we've had so far. It's supposed to rain a bit this weekend, so hopefully that'll get some of the pollen out of the air. Scoob has year-round allergies, and spring is usually just brutal. I revisited that herbal cough remedy from November and whisked up a batch for him tonight.

We ordered a closet organizer thing a week or so ago--it was one of Amazon's deals of the day, so we got it on sale. It arrived today. Depending on how Scoob is feeling this weekend we may tackle the project. My goal is to take two nearly useless closets and make them useful again. I'll let you know how that goes.

One thing I did notice was that Blackwater security forces have been banned from operating in Iraq. Hopefully, now that Cheney is out of office, this ban will be more effective that the banned issued in September 2007. Clearly, this is not a new issue.

This video is very cool. I think it's a music video, but it's a unique take on sleepwalking. I wonder if the cat dreams like this when his legs twitch.

Also, I like the video-jokes here. The "Broccoli" joke made me laugh out loud. And the purpose for making the site and videos is interesting. Note: There are a couple f-bombs, so turn down your volume or put on your headphones if you don't want little ears to hear.

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