Saturday, January 31, 2009


So last night while leaving the office, I stepped funny as I was coming down the loading ramp. You know how when you're coming down a set of stairs and you think there's one more step but there isn't? Well, that's basically what happened. I thought the ramp continued, but it didn't and when my foot hit the ground, it sent pain shooting up my leg into the small of my back.

When I got home I took some ibuprofen and strapped an ice pack to my back and tried to explain to Scoob that I wasn't doing anything stupid or anything I wasn't supposed to, like heavy lifting, it was just the way my foot hit the ground. I did get a lower back massage, though, and he made dinner and took care of the dishes.

As if the back pain wasn't enough, there's really no polite way to say it, my period started this morning, which comes with it's own brand of fun. So, since I'm in double the pain, does that mean I get to take double the pain meds? I'm voting for this option, and I think Scoob is too.

Poor Scoob. This puts him in a no-win situation, he feels terrible when I'm hurting and wants to help me feel better, but between the cramping, bloating, unpredictable moods swings, and just general crankiness he also wants to stay the hell away from me on Day 1 of the period. And sometimes Day 2, too.

Making the best of a bad situation, he's been out riding his bicycle today and is including a stop at Target to get a heating pad for me because we haven't been able to find where we put the old one the last couple of times we needed it. So he's helping me and he's no where near me.

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