Sunday, January 11, 2009

Does This House Make My Butt Look Big?

Things have been a bit hectic what with the website launch on Friday. And Scoob has been trying to refinance the house. Apparently he thought he had signed a 30-year fixed loan, but it turns out it was an adjustable loan; so now we're scrambling. Don't ask. I've no idea how this happened.

The house is not in both our names, so I'm usually not involved in this process. But this time I've done everything I could to nicely say, "Don't sign a thing until I've at least read it this time." My name may not be on the house, but if we lose it, I've still lost a home, so I really kinda need to know what's going on there.

The good news is that we should be able to refinance and combine the 2 loans into 1. We won't really get much of the benefit from those super low "rescue" interest rates because we haven't actually defaulted on our loans. So anyhow, the home appraiser came by Friday morning to inspect, and now we wait.

One positive thing to come from all this is that we did a lot of straightening up around the house. All the tools and paint finally made it back downstairs into the garage. I finally put away the clothes drying rack that has been a near permanent fixture. Anyhow, the house looks so much better. Granted, a lot of stuff just got stuffed into any available space.

Scoob wants to keep the house just like this. I also want to keep the house looking like this, but I also want to dive into those closets and purge. So that was my project yesterday. Anything in my closet that hasn't seen the light of day in 6 months got bagged for donations. I didn't try on any of the clothes. I didn't hem and haw about whether or not I might actually wear an item again. I didn't say, "Oh, this will fit once I lose some weight." I was ruthless, and it felt so good. Now if I could just get Scoob to do it too.

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  1. GOOD FOR YOU!! I've been doing that since we first moved in with David's parents. It does feel AWESOME to get rid of stuff. Slowly David has been following my lead and it's been hard not to nag him to do more. *sigh*