Sunday, February 15, 2009

In the Closet

So the whole "quick and easy installation" of this closet organizer is a load of hooey. We spent the better part of yesterday saying, "Huh?" and drilling (and then patching) holes in the back wall of the closet.

As it turns out, other than finding Scoob, I'm apparently challenged when it comes to finding studs, and Scoob's not much better at it. After we finally figured out that our Stanley stud finder was just not working, I made an evening trip (7pm) to our local OSH and picked up a plain old magnetic one for about $4.

Once we were able to find the studs, things started to pick up speed and we finally got the main support rail up. We called it quits after that since we figured our neighbors who share that wall with us probably wouldn't appreciate our continued drilling and hammering into the night.

I've since decided that the closet doors are coming off and that I'll put up an inexpensive tension rod and lightweight curtains to use as a door. It should make half of the closet that is difficult to access easier to get to, and it'll be a nice way to introduce some color in that space too.

Oh, and it looks like there will be some painting involved. We recently repainted the bathroom, but not the interior of this closet, so there's this lovely stripe where the eggshell finish paint on the walls meets the flat finish paint of the closet. Since I've now decided to take the doors off, I'll be looking at this stripe every blessed day. I'll be painting this afternoon. Talk about mission creep.

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