Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Tale of Two Sockies

Once upon a time, there were two sockies. Sockie One was black with a little white on the toes, well-padded, and crew style. So was Sockie Two.

You could call them a pair.

One day, about 2 months ago, I noticed the sockies lying on the floor, more or less on my side of the closet. Now, I don't own any black sockies—it's not a race thing; I just don't.

Heck, I rarely wear socks at all. Or underoos for that matter. But that's probably more than you needed to know.

(See what working from home is doing to me? I run around the house with no underoos on and have no shame at all in letting y'all know this.)


So, anyhow, since I don't own any black sockies, I assumed they were Scoob's and pushed the sockies over to his side of the closet.

A few days later I noticed the sockies back on my side. Odd. And I pushed them back to his side. And a few days later, guess what? Yup. They were back on my side. Hmmmm.

Well, they weren't folded. Maybe that meant they'd been worn and needed to be washed. So I tossed them in the laundry and put them away in Scoob's drawer.

About a week later, the folded sockies appeared in my drawer. I put them back in Scoob's drawer. And they somehow ended up in my drawer again.

This has been going on for awhile now, me putting the socks away and them showing up where they don't belong.

This Saturday Scoob walked into the bedroom just as I was putting the socks in his drawer.

"What are you doing?"

"Putting away your socks. They keep ending up in my drawer."

"That's because I put them there."

"Why would you do that?"

"Because they're not my socks."

"But they're not my socks, either."

"Well, they're not mine."

"Well, who-the-hell's are they? There are only two of us in this house."

"Well, they're not mine."

"Yes, I think we've established that. Unless…"

And that's when it hit me—they must be Mom's socks and got mixed in with our laundry and left behind from when she was here.

We got a pretty good laugh out of the fact we've been passing them back and forth for over 2 months. Poor little orphan sockies. I think I'll keep them.

Sockie One and Sockie Two

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