Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Musical Mondays—Poison

I've been listening to The Silent Comedy almost non-stop since my sister shared a couple of their songs on facebook. This one is definitely my favorite, and it's somewhat appropriate since I'm scratching at so many bug bites on my body! Not poison, but definitely irritating.

We're really hoping it isn't bed bugs because... *shudder* Although, with all the birds we have around here, it could be bird mites. Or fleas. Or oh my god I'm driving myself itchy crazy.

Anyhow, every morning Scoob and I seem to wake up with new bites and I'm perpetually polka dotted with calamine.

The Silent Comedy was playing in Chapel Hill Sunday night and we almost went. It looked like they were opening for another band (that I just don't care for) and I learned that their harmonicist (is that a word?) had left the group, and the harmonica is one of the things that really makes this song work for me. Actually, I thought we were going to go in spite of all that, but then Scoob and I both took an afternoon nap and after that we just didn't feel like heading out.

A little bummed we didn't go. But still okay that we didn't go. Kapish?

And this is the first time I've really looked at the lyrics; I have no idea what that's all about, but the song still rocks.

Silent Comedy

Your body went black with the bitters drained
Satin got strapped to a wooden base
Hammer heads clap for the liquid lace
Battery brat and a wicked fade
But if the ladle gets licked, then the suspect’s headed for hell to pay
Scissor-cut slacks and a broken vase
A little high fashion and summer steak
Hanging my hat where the stumbles stray
Lift a gate latch and you’re giving way
But in a fifty-ounce fish, there’s a full shot stiff of the Everglades

This is the best live version of the song I've found.

Or you can try the studio version.

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