Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Techinically Difficult

Holy reindeer, it's December! Finally, all that holiday music I loaded on my iPod in July feels appropriate.

That's Harry Connick, Jr. in case you're wondering.

My physical therapy appointment was later in the day than usual yesterday, so I was able to work from home (yay!). I love working from home because I get to take care of little things around the house and run quick errands that I otherwise wouldn't be able to get to until after work hours or the weekend:

  • I managed to fold all the clothes that were in the dryer instead of dressing from the dryer like I usually do. Judging by the number of fabric softeners mixed in with the clothes, it's been roughly 3 or 4 weeks since it has been completely emptied last.

    And yes, I even had time to take a picture of the dryer
    sheets and share my shame.

  • I washed all the dishes that had been sitting in the kitchen sink since I didn't have to rush out the door for my commute.

  • I filled up the tank in my car. I would have done this anyhow, but the gas station on the way to my appointment and it just seemed easier than driving out of my way going to or from the office when I'm rushed and/or tired.

  • I dropped off the books I've finished reading at the library.

  • I made a quick detour by the post office to drop off Scoob's latest game trade at Goozex and the Netflix movies from the weekend.

  • I stopped at the Indian grocer near our house to pick up some flour (I went to make dumplings for turkey dumpling soup on Sunday and realized I didn't have more than a half cup of flour in the whole dang house, btw, we had the dumplings last night and they sucked. I totally did something wrong), some chickpea flour (called Besan at the Indian market) for a recipe I want to try, and a head of cabbage for the soup (which I completely forgot about by the time we actually sat down to eat the dumpling disaster last night, so the soup was cabbageless).

  • All that and I made it back to my desk faster than I would have if I'd had to commute to the office after my appointment. I was totally pumped and ready to get back to work only to find out our internet connection took a dirt nap just before I got home.

    We spent the next hour or so digging through past bills trying to find the support number for AT&T, but all I could find were the cell phone bills not the internet bills (I have no idea how Scoob has been paying these bills since I'm clearly not getting any paper to file). Anyhow, I suggested Scoob login to his bank account because I know we have to provide a telephone number for each vendor we pay bills to online, which was followed by the "Are you a complete ditz, woman" look and a moment of silence before Scoob calmly explained to me that he would gladly look up the number online, except WE HAD NO INTERNET CONNECTION, after which I checked my head for blond roots. At least I can laugh at myself, ya' know.

    Anyhoodle, I finally called the support number for the cell phone and got transferred to the internet service department and Scoob took over from there. AT&T was supposed to call back, but by the end of the day yesterday we hadn't heard from them and I got next to nothing done for work. Kind of threw my whole I'm-an-oh-so-productive-whirlwind-when-I-work-from-home plan, not to mention I wasn't able to do any of the holiday shopping on Cyber Monday that I wanted to.

    The AT&T guy came by today, and of course the connection started working again about 10 minutes before he showed up. Doesn't it always work like that? Anyhow, the repair tech they sent out thinks that we may need to replace our DSL modem and/or router because they're seriously old.

    Scoob's laptop has a wireless modem and he's been able to piggyback on another connection to get his work done today, but my computer doesn't do wireless so I'm at the mercy of the DSL modem's whim. I keep begging Scoob's laptop away from him and unfortunately for him, I'm not as easily distracted from my goal by feathers and catnip as the cats are.

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