Monday, August 17, 2009

We Have a Visual

Scoob and I made our way over to the Best Buy in San Carlos yesterday to buy my new monitor. It was the only store in the Bay Area that had the monitor I want and Scoob had received a 12% off Best Buy coupon in the mail (unfortunately, we learned at checkout that the coupon doesn't apply to monitors).

We carefully balanced everything on my already crowded desk and ran a quick test to make sure the monitor was working and didn't have any dead pixels or other problems. The thing is freakin' huge! I have a dual monitor set up at work and was planning to replicate it at home, so the computer we bought has a graphics card out-of-the-box to support dualies. Scoob has been thinking about upgrading his monitor and giving the old one to me as my second, so I wanted to buy one the same make and size to pair with it.

Scoob's monitor is a 22" Samsung. Samsung doesn't really make the 22s anymore, so I ended up with a 23, not a huge difference. But when we plugged it in to test, the beast was sitting at the front of the desk. I kept trying to back the hell up so I could see what I was doing, but my arms weren't long enough to still reach the mouse and be a comfortable distance from the beast. I'm seriously starting to think I don't need two ginormous monitors. I can't fathom how I'm going to set them far enough back so I can actually work on one, let alone two.

Hopefully once I finish getting files off my laptop and get that off my desk we'll be able to set up a workable configuration. I know I eventually want to get a more functional desk, but Scoob wants to hang on to this one as a hobby table and we simply don't have room to store it in the house. The desk upgrade may need to wait until we move.

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