Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Good Scout Is Always Prepared

Guess what, I wasn't a scout. Or a Brownie. Or a Bluebird. Or a Campfire Girl (are they even still around?) Our trip to Oregon/Idaho is looming large and I'm feeling incredibly anxious about it. Not in any particular way that I can put my finger on, but anxious just the same. I feel like I've overlooked some major detail.

Anyhow, we're leaving Thursday morning, and I do mean morning. Scoob has a Falcon wants to take one of the support reps at Falcon Northwest in Medford out to lunch, so that means we need to leave here by 5:30 am. Yes, am. The last time we headed north together, we dropped off Scoob's computer for an upgrade since we were passing through Medford anyhow, and any time Scoob has had an issue with his Falcon, he's managed to get the same support rep (it's a small but well-respected outfit) and he's always taken care of the problem. So anyhow, we're leaving early Thursday and Scoob has offered to drive (I know!) for the first tank of gas so I can sleep. As long as we have a full tank when we set out, we should be able to make Medford without filling up. Scoob doesn't offer to drive very often, and I want to make the most of it!

I think the biggest part of my anxiety is a massive project at work that I need to finish before I leave. I've been working on putting content for the New England region online and it's my own dang fault the project is so massive. When my boss said we were covering all of New England, I took that to mean the entire book was going online. What I didn't understand was that he meant we would cover all of New England by not leaving any states out, but we would be selective with the chapters we published from each state. So instead of only having 7 or so chapters to get done I have 17 plus some background materials. I've been bringing my work home with me for the past couple weeks so I can get it done.

Anyhoodle, I feel like I'm scrambling (probably because I am), though I did manage to sneak out of work a little early tonight and treat myself to a mani/pedi. I realized I hadn't had one since at least April 2008 and as much as I tried to do them at home, it just doesn't compare. And I didn't feel at all guilty about leaving early since I knew I'd be putting in hours on my time later.

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