Thursday, September 25, 2008

Morning Stuff

So this morning I woke up at 5, called my workout pal, and promptly went back to sleep until 6. Then I got up, did my yoga, cooked breakfast, and read some of the day's goings on online. I gotta say, 6 is a much more civilized hour. There's even just a hint of dawn in the sky, at least for a couple more weeks. Then we have to wait until November to turn the clocks back this year. November! Whose bright idea was that anyhow? Oh yeah.

So anyhow, ran into a snag with my iTunes so I didn't get to download any mellow, happy morning music, but I'm also not being subjected to machine gun fire this morning. So all in all, it's good. (We game in the Wayward household, just in case you couldn't tell.) Now if only the landscapers for the townhouse complex would stop already with the leaf blowers.

A couple of things caught my attention this morning. In lieu of mellow morning music, the images in this Forbes Travel article on The World's Quietest Places did just the trick. I don't think I've actually been to any of these places, but Muir woods is definitely nearby and a few of the others are doable.

Another little tidbit was the news that McCain wants to call a time out on the Presidential campaign while they all head to Washington to sort out the economy. And if you're President, what then? I don't think the rest of the world's leaders are going to let you call dibs on anything or take a time out.

Interestingly, but not the least bit surprising, while McCain is calling for an investigation into what caused the current economic mess, many of the folks closest to the situation, according to the WSJ can be counted among McCain's friends and colleagues.

Lastly, I saw this Ninja Cat video over on Will Femia's blog at MSNBC and just thought it was cute.

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