Friday, September 26, 2008


So I got the iTunes working again and downloaded some new music. I can tell I was starting to wake up as I went along as the songs became louder, faster, funkier.

Here's what I chose:

Les Freres Guisse--Fabala
Donavon Frankenreiter--Life, Love & Laughter
G. Love & Special Sauce--Peace, Love & Happiness
Robert Plant & Alison Krause--Gone, Gone, Gone
(then I started to wake up)
Vampire Weekend--Oxford Comma
Shooter Jennings--Gone to Carolina
The Raconteurs--Salute Your Solution
Ryan Bingham--Bread & Water

I've been trying to think about what to do this weekend and did you know that Saturday is Museum Day 2008? Follow the link and check out which museums nationwide are participating, download and print your FREE pass.

Locally, the Friends of the San Francisco Library is having their annual book sale this weekend. Dude, massive stacks of books at massive discounts. Like I need more books in the house, but really, can you ever have enough books?

Seeing as how about half my office is on Facebook and my high school graduating class is beginning to coalesce there in preparation for our *gulp* 20-year reunion, it may be time to review the dos and don'ts (mostly the don'ts) of using Facebook.

So the whole economic bailout thing seems like it's going well, not. Watch for the garbage to pile up on Wall Street, literally, as part of a protest. I don't agree with dumping your trash on Wall Street, but the guy has some valid points.

And, lastly, an intergalactic take on our situation.

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