Friday, February 15, 2013

A Valentine's Day Conversation

For Valentine's Day, I spent the iTunes gift card I received for Christmas on some new music and was enjoying listening to my new tunes while making dinner. Scoob and I were both at the kitchen counter when we had the following conversation—he was on his laptop and I was having a glass of wine while dinner cooked:

Scoob: Why are you smiling?
Me: Just feeling chill and happy.
S: Chill?
Me: You know, relaxed. Content.
S: Oh. So why aren't you dancing around?
Me: I did. Back when I was feeling energetic and happy.
S: Oh.

S: So, I guess porn is out of the question.
Me: Uhhhh…
      *eying dinner in the oven*
      (what the hell) I guess we could watch some porn, if that's what
      you want to do. What did you have in mind?


S: Or we could look at woodpecker pictures.
Me: *puzzled look/amused chuckle*


S: What do you mean that's going to cost $200?
Me: *laughing seriously hard*

S: What?
Me: *laughing with tears* You can be so random.

S: Why are you laughing?
Me: Because I love you.

I can't decide whether I know him so well that I understand and can follow his random train of thought, or if he's a comedic genius and understands me well enough to know what makes me laugh. Either way, we're perfectly matched.

Oh, and he gave me jewelry—a couple of bracelet bangles I was admiring last weekend.

I think I'll keep him.

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