Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Home from the Windy City

Even though we had a great time in Chicago, and aside from the pile of laundry staring at me from the suitcase, it feels good to be home. Chicago has had almost double it's annual average October rainfall this year (Sog-tober as the news casters were calling it), and we got to experience some of that first-hand. But the weather cleared up on Saturday, and Sunday was simply gorgeous.

Here are a few shots of the city skyline from the Museum Campus taken within a couple hours of each other on Saturday. I was amazed at how quickly the weather changed.

Chicago skyline from the Field Museum around 11:30 am.
The top of the Willis Tower (Sears Tower) is lost in the clouds.

Chicago skyline from the steps of the Shedd Aquarium around 2:00 pm.
The clouds are beginning to lift.

Chicago Skyline from Shedd Aquarium around 3:30 pm.
Seriously, 90 minutes later the same day!

I took a ton of pictures in Chicago, and a few of them are actually good, so I'll be sharing those over the next few days. Oh, and speaking of pictures, I had an email waiting when we got home that my photos were chosen for that online travel guide. But for now, laundry is demanding my attention and me, my unibrow, and I seriously need some quality time with a mirror, a stiff drink (for anesthesia), and the tweezers.


  1. Congratulations! And I can't believe the weather difference you caught. Cool to see virtually the same shot and see the change.

  2. Congrats on your photo news. Glad you had a good trip, and that you made it home before the cable snapped on the bridge!