Friday, July 17, 2009

A Productive Friday

Can I just say I love summer hours? It still boggles my mind that the company is requiring we take unpaid days off and is laying people off, yet we still enjoy a 4-hour work day on Fridays, leaving at 1:00 pm, and get paid for 8 hours. I don't understand it but I love it. I better enjoy it while it lasts—summer hours end Labor Day weekend.

So today I arranged to work from home because I had a bunch of running around to do and I thought if I could get a jump on it today, I wouldn't be stuck trying to get these things done over the weekend.

What I accomplished today:

Worked late—until 2:30 pm (no one would ever mistake me for an underachiever).

Had the oil changed in my car—In addition to my regular 300-or-so-miles each week, I've driven to Humboldt County twice, and Roseburg, Oregon since the last change and we're heading to Idaho in a few weeks but I was already 2,000 miles overdue (which is nothing compared to the 10,000 miles I went between oil changes last time)

Had the tires rotated—you thought I was derelict in my duties with the oil change? It's been 36,000 miles since I rotated the tires. No wait, I bought the tires 36,000 miles ago because I had destroyed the last set by not rotating them enough. Some learn these lessons more quickly than others.

Returned the ruined curtainsI was very happy that Ross gave me a full refund for the curtains, and without any hassle. I browsed a bit through the handbags (the handles on mine are fraying), shoes, and curtains, but left empty handed and happy about it.

Went to the library—I finally finished Sor Juana (it only took 4 months). It got pretty slow there for awhile, about 200 pages of slogging, but then it picked up for an engaging ending. So after all that heavy reading, both literally and figuratively, I'm rewarding myself by gorging on some Nora Roberts.

Got my hairs cut—I get my hair cut about as often as I do the maintenance on my car. My last haircut was in November. Mom, same cut, just shorter again (a little shorter than I'd like, but oh well).

Blogging to you about my day—and all before 7:00pm!

Half days rock!

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  1. Way to go Ross; I am impressed. Have you figured out how to use your library's website to hold books?